New Summer Styles from El Naturalista Shoes at Cabaline

Cabaline Country Emporium carries a large selection of El Naturalista shoes made in Spain. Here are some new summer styles we have just received.

El Naturalista is dedicated to sustainable practices which makes us proud to offer them at Cabaline. Here is quote from El Naturalista’s website about their business and manufacturing practices.

We believe in supporting local suppliers, accomplishing in this way minimal emissions due to transport, greater transparency and better control and monitoring.

Watch this wonderful little movie about their manufacturing process.

El Naturalista creates the highest quality shoes through earth-friendly practices and are designed to be comfortable. You can decide if they are beautiful, too. We think so.

Ray Tracey Native American jewelry becomes more precious.

Ray Tracey was born on a Navajo reservation in Arizona where he learned jewelry-making from his elders. His sleek and inventive styles earned him several awards. Rumor has it he is retiring from the craft. You can read his bio here.

We are lucky enough to have a few of his pieces in store at Cabaline and want to share them with you.

We carry other makers of Native American jewelry including Emma Stone and some truly unique precious-stone watchbands, shown in the gallery below. 

These are even more beautiful in person. Stop by the store and find a precious piece to call your own.

Rainy day fun!

Stop by and say hi on a rainy day and we'll have you splashing in puddles in no time!

We have a  surprising selection of raingear for everyone. Raincoats, boots, and umbrellas for kids are especially fun!

Pendelton keeps a rugged librarian warm on the Northern California coast.

"It's high quality and long-lasting."

This is what Will Minor, long-time Point Reyes resident and now Willits librarian, said about why he chose a Pendleton shirt for work. He went on to say,

"It's just warm enough to keep me comfortable in the library and looking presentable."

I caught up with Will at Cabaline where he agreed to model a few of our shirts. Can you guess which one he bought? Please put your guess in the comments below.

I daresay they are all pretty handsome.

Sonoma County Horse Council Fire Relief Grants


Due to the generosity of many donors, the Sonoma County Horse Council is making fire relief grants to members of the equine community in Sonoma County. Further donations can be made here.

Round one funding has been completed; 13 fire victims received a total of $42,213. Round two is underway with an application deadline of January 31, 2018. I am writing you to ask your help in getting the word out to members of the equine community about the availability of these fire relief grants. Information about the grant program and the application itself can be found at this  link. To assist us in disseminating this information as broadly as possible, please feel free to forward this email to your own network of friends and associates in the equine community. Also, if you're part of an organization where it makes sense for a link about this grant program to be on that organization's website, please feel free to set up that link.

Thank you for your assistance in helping the Sonoma County Horse Council inform the community of the availability of fire relief grant funds, it is most appreciated.

Mark Krug, Treasurer

Sonoma County Horse Council